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Standard & Poor’s Carbon & ESG Indices

Standard & Poor are major providers of worldwide  financial information provision and today operate in 23 countries. They currently provide information and ratings ranging from equity markets to the risk of national bonds.  Standard & Poor offer four indices related to Carbon and Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG):

  • S&P U.S. Carbon Efficient - a broad U.S. market index comprised of companies from the S&P500 which have relatively low carbon emissions as calculated by Trucost PLC.
  • S&P/IFCI Carbon Efficient – measures the performance of investable emerging market companies with relatively low carbon emissions while closely tracking the returns of the S&P/IFCI LargeMidCap Index.
  • S&P/EGX ESG Index - covers the 30 best performing stocks in the Egyptian market as measured by quantitative environmental, social, and governance parameters.
  • S&P/Hawkamah ESG Pan Arab Index - Hawkamah (the Institute for Corporate Governance in the MENA Region) and Standard & Poor have joined together to measure and rate ESG performance of publically traded Pan Arab companies. 
  • S&P ESG India - covers the 50 best performing stocks in the Indian market as measured by quantitative environmental, social, and governance parameters.
  • S&P/TOPIX 150 Carbon Efficient - designed to rate the carbon efficiency of Japanese companies that make up the S&P/TOPIX 150. 
Background information: 

The Carbon & ESG indices started in January 2008 with the launch of the 'S&P ESG India' index.  The 'S&P U.S Carbon Efficient’ index started in March 2009. The 'S&P/IFCI Carbon Efficient' was launched in December 2009, the 'S&P/EGX ESG' Index was launched in March 2010, and the S&P/Hawkamah ESG Pan Arab Index was launched in February 2011.

Funding source: 

Privately funded by Standard and Poor.