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Responsible Care

Responsible Care is a voluntary initiative in the chemical industry which ‘commits companies to work together to continuously improve the health, safety and environmental performance of their products and processes’.

It is managed by the International Council of Chemical Associations (ICCA) which is a membership organisation made up of national associations. Each of the national associations are responsible for implementing the principles of Responsible Care in their countries. 

The Responsible Care Global Charter

This represents a commitment by individual chemical companies to adhere to a set of guiding principles:

  • A series of codes, guidance notes and checklists to help companies fulfil their commitment.
  • The development of indicators against which improvements in performance can be measured
  • Open communication on health, safety and environmental matters with interested parties, both inside and outside the industry.
  • Opportunities for companies to share views and exchange experiences on implementing Responsible Care.
  • Consideration of how best to encourage all member companies to commit themselves to, and participate in, Responsible Care.
  • A title and logo which clearly identify national programmes as being consistent with, and part of, the Responsible Care concept.
  • Procedures for verifying that member companies have implemented the measurable or practical elements of Responsible Care.
Market coverage: 
  • There are nearly 60 national chemical associations representing 60 economies - and through them thousands of chemical sites around the world.
  • 159 companies are enrolled to the Response Care Global Charter.
Background information: 

Responsible Care was launched in Canada in 1985 and is managed by the ICCA. Responsible Care is a key part of the ICCA's contribution to the United Nations’ Strategic Approach to International Chemicals Management (SAICM).

Funding source: 

Not publically available.

Notable information: 

The launch of the Responsible Care Global Charter in 2006 outlines the aims of industry to furthering Responsible Care Principles, strengthening processes for product stewardship and stating a commitment to sustainable development.