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Carbon and ESG Indexes in Australia, Hong Kong & Mainland China

There are two distinct parts of the business; carbon analytics and data for Australian companies interested in emissions data and carbon emissions trading, and Environment, Social, and Governance performance indicator data for mainland China and Asia. 

Reputex also provide information measuring, managing and tracking critical aspects of environmental, social, and governance exposure. With this information they produce ratings from AAA (high) to D (low).This information that feeds into environmental and sustainability equity indexes and funds across Asia, particularly the Hang Seng sustainability indexes. Thus, they work closely with the Hang Seng Indexes company that works in mainland China and Hong Kong


Market coverage: 

For the Hang Seng Sustainability Indexes, approximately 650 companies are considered for inclusion each year. These comprise all the companies listed on main Hong Kong exchange, and all the A-shares companies listed on the main Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges.

For the carbon analytics part of the business. Reputex provides emissions information on electricity generation and supply, as well as emissions data for a number of other sectors, such as Energy, Mining, and Metals. They produce monthly trend data for emissions from these analyses. Furthermore, they produce information on carbon markets, including carbon price forecasts, 

Background information: 

RepuTex was founded in 1999. Its headquarters is in Hong Kong, but have offices in Melbourne, Australia.

Funding source: 

Privately funded by RepuTex

Notable information: 

Partnered with the Carbon Disclose Project which provides it with access to its database.