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In the news: 7th March 2014

07 Mar 2014

Here you will find a round-up of all the latest news and events in mechanisms from around the world. 


Small holding coffee farmers in Amazonas. Source: Union Hand Roasted Coffee

Valuing nature

Purity Irungu from the Gathiuru Community Forest Association feeds firewood into an energy-saving cookstove, 
central Kenya. TRF/Kagondu Njagi. Source: Thomas Reuters Foundation.
  • ​REDD+ must be included in regulations, private sector activity and business models to establish sustainable alternatives to deforestation as well as low-carbon opportunities for economic development, a UN backed report says.
  • A debate about the relationship between governments and REDD+:
    • “Governments’ priority should be to create value in forests, not bail out projects,” says Donna Lee, former US negotiator on REDD+. Meanwhile, Agustin Silvani from Conservation International says, “don’t confuse paying for REDD+ performance with a bail out."

Low-carbon economies