Markets working to support sustainable development

In the News: 7th April 2014

07 Apr 2014

Here you will find a round-up of all the recent news and events in mechanisms from around the world. 

Controlling emissions

London. Source: Green Futures. 

Raising standards

Certified timber in East Kalimantan, Indonesia. Photo credit: Michael Padmanaba/CIFOR photo. Source: CIFOR.

Better governance

  • A report released by the World Development Movement shows the blurred lines between public-private partnerships and corporate takeovers – the G8’s New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition requires African countries to facilitate the growth of agribusiness in exchange for aid money and investment. But, this will lead to an increase in poverty among farmers and further inequality, says Christian Haigh.
  • The EU-China Environmental Governance Programme (EGP) has helped the Chinese government and the general public improve environmental protection by promoting local sustainable development through public participation. And, ahead of the programme’s end, Dimitri De Boer, the team leader for EGP, argues that “China must set up a mechanism for environmental governance.”
  • Ahead of the release of the latest World Development Report, which is due in November this year, the World Bank have announced this year’s theme: Mind and Culture. The report will focus on psychological and cultural factors, saying that market governance mechanisms, although relevant, don’t go far enough to consider how context can complicate matters.
  • IIED’s Maryanne Grieg-Gran explains why poor forest-dependent communities must have their voices heard in implementing REDD+. Focus groups, choice experiments and votes in villages can make a real difference so that local evidence for what does and does not work can be taken into account, she says.