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In the news: 14th March 2014

14 Mar 2014

Here you will find a round-up of all the recent news and events in mechanisms from around the world. 

Influencing Markets

  • A new reward for solar energy with a new digital currency, SolarCoin. Each SolarCoin will be awarded for the proven generation of 1MWh of energy to incentivise uptake in renewable energy.

SolarCoins, a new digital currency. Source: Green Futures.

Best Practice

Law and Order

  • EU plan to phase out super greenhouse gases with the introduction of a new law that would ban hydrofluorocarbons in commercial refrigeration by 2022.
  • National Trust, RSPB and Wildlife Trust are among the NGOs calling for fracking exclusion zones. In a recent report, they also highlighted the lack of regulation around shale gas exploitation, as well as the raising concerns for a range of threatened species and the potential of water contamination. 

Fracking. Image: Alamy. Source: RSPB.