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Global Environment Fund

The Global Environment Fund  is an investment firm deticated to the energy, environment and natural resource sectors and it is a signatory on the United Nations Principle for Responsible Investing. In it's pursuit of sustainability and well-placed capital, it works to uphold standards in three areas - these are: 

  • The environment - by investing in companies that ensure the use of clean technology and the sustainable management of natural resources, the Global Environment Fund helps them to become profitable.
  • Society - the Global Environment Fund links the concept sustaiability to workers and communities in and around their portfolio companies. In this, they believe that they create the conditions for business growth, new business models and links to supply chains. They do this by encourageing good stakeholder relations and providing provisions, such as clean water, to the local communities.
  • Governance - to uphold a strong internal corporate governance process, the Global Environment Fund regularly passes comprehensive compliance audits and works towards transparency. This is because, they believe, compliance in this way prevents conflict of interest among stakeholders, including employees and their portfolio companies.   
Market coverage: 

It is estimated that the Global Environment has US$1 billion in assets under management. They invets in middle markets and have a selection of portfolio companies from around the world, including North America, Latin America, Asia, Africa, the Middle-East and Central Europe. As such, it is one of the world's largest investment firms of it's type.

Background information: 

The Global Environment Fund is based in Washington D.C., USA, and has people working Latin America, Asia, Africa, the Middle-East and Central Europe.

Funding source: 

Private equity.

Notable information: 

Not to be confused with the Global Environment Facility.