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CDP Forests Program (formerly Forest Footprint Disclosure Project)

CDP is a non-profit organisation that works to transform the way the world does business so as to prevent climate change and portect natural resources. As part of this mission, CDP's forests program helps companies and their investors to understand and address the risk of deforestation by requiring companies to provide data so that investors can judge how they are managing their exposure to deforestation.

On completion of a disclosure request, each company receives a feedback report detailing their strengths and weaknesses compared to their peers, as well as a follow-up meeting to answer their specific questions and discuss particular issues of concern. However, these reports are only shared with the endorsing investors, not disclosed to the public.

Market coverage: 

In 2013, 780 companies from five sectors (timber, palm oil, soya, cattle products and biofuels) were asked to report on deforestation risk and 139 of them disclosed data to CDP - this is a 39% increase on the year before. 

Background information: 

The program was formorly known as the Forest Footprint Disclosure Project and was changed when an allience between CDP and the Global Canopy Programme (GCP) was announced in 2012.