Markets working to support sustainable development


REDD+: What is needed to make it work for the poor?

Maryanne Grieg-Gran
06 Dec 2012

While REDD+ is aimed at reducing emissions from forests, its effectiveness will depend on how much the benefits trickle down to those living closest to the forest. These same rural households are also best placed to provide local evidence of what works and what doesn’t, to influence decisions on REDD+ architecture at the national and international level. 

Nature has values, and markets can be governed

Ina Porras
10 Aug 2012

The environmental community has been rightly wary of markets. But payments for environmental services can play a role in protecting nature, so long as governments guide, govern and regulate such markets.

Why markets matter

Emma Blackmore
19 Mar 2012

Recognition of the role of markets and the private sector in contributing to sustainable development has been growing strongly in recent years. Where the 1992 Earth Summit assumed that government plans and international conventions would be the primary drivers of sustainable development, Rio 2012 has put the economy and markets at centre stage, with its emphasis on the green economy