Markets working to support sustainable development


Who will pay for ecosystem services?

Ina Porras
28 Jan 2014

Payments for ecosystem services have the potential to promote healthier ecosystems and fairer deals for smallholders. This is all very good, but where will the money for such schemes come from?

REDD+: 3 things to consider so men and women share the benefits

Isilda Nhantumbo
18 Dec 2013

As developing countries act to protect their forests in return for compensation from industrialised nations, their strategies will affect men and women in different ways. Value chain analysis that links commodities that drive deforestation with gender offers great opportunities to designing REDD+ delivery models that capitalise on advantages of different actors, says Isilda Nhantumbo.

Fishy business at IIED

Grace Philip
10 Dec 2013

The end of November was an exciting time for IIED’s Sustainable Markets Group, which launched two publications and an online network, all with a focus on sustainable fisheries. Grace Philip reports.

How to protect our oceans: use more carrots

Senay Habtezion
01 Nov 2013

Incentives to protect marine and coastal environments could work more effectively than a ‘command and control’ approach, but only if reinforced by efficient, transparent and equitable governance, says Senay Habtezion.

Will Payments for Watershed Services fuel the protection of ecosystem services?

Ina Porras
21 Jun 2013

Metals, excess nutrients, and sediment are processed and filtered out as water moves through forests, wetlands, natural grasslands and riparian zones. It is usually easier to prevent pollution harnessing the forces of nature than to clean up the mess with costly technology. However, unchecked human activities continue to compact the soil and reduce its natural capacities.  Is there a solution at hand, or is it all water under the bridge?

Transparency: can it work for sustainable development?

Emma Wilson
23 May 2013

The world is finally waking up to the need for transparency in business deals. New EU transparency legislation was announced earlier this month and next month transparency will be a major theme at the G8 summit. This week the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative has its bi-annual conference, and the UK and France have just announced they will join the initiative. The big question is can greater transparency help sustainable development?

Reflections on ten years of rating big brands for sustainability

Bill Vorley
27 Feb 2013

Scorecards that rate big brands according to their social and environmental policies can help shine a light on hidden corners of global supply chains that customers and investors rarely see. But their proof is in impacts on people and planet.