Markets working to support sustainable development


Formalising the informal

Sian Lewis
30 Mar 2016

What does it mean to 'formalise' the informal sector? Discussions at an informality event with our partners revealed some of the barriers to successful formalisation and examples of what works.

Development frontiers

Mick Blowfield
21 Mar 2016

A workshop organised by research funders highlighted how innovative solutions must be found for the 'wicked' problems we face today.

Green grows the informal economy

Sian Lewis
10 Mar 2016

An event on the informal sector and the green economy established six principles for a new policy agenda on inclusive green growth.

Lessons from the informal sector

Mao Amis
24 Feb 2016

Could the informal economy provide the way forward for the green growth agenda? Ahead of an IIED event on 25 February, Mao Amis looks at lessons that can be learned.

Shaking up the private sector

Mick Blowfield
22 Jan 2016

The private sector has a key role to play in the new sustainable development agenda, says IIED's Mick Blowfield, but let's keep multinationals' commitment to change in perspective.

Finding solutions for less poverty and better ecosystems

Ina Porras
15 Dec 2015

Policy measures to tackle poverty often overlook environmental impacts, while environmental policies do not always deliver for the poor. The Sustainable Development Goals require both – so how can governments combine efforts?

A new kind of brew: smallholder coffee and carbon

Ina Porras
08 Dec 2015

Conversion to monoculture continues despite the multiple benefits from improved agricultural systems, such as shade coffee. Have we finally found the arguments to turn the tables, asks Ina Porras after a side event at the Global Landscape Forum.